International assignments for Danni and Conor

Ice Dundee skaters Danni and Conor completing their first international competitions of the season!

This was a busy week for our Ice Dundee skaters with Danni away competing in Bratislava, Slovakia and Conor off to compete in Oakville, Canada.

26th Ondrej Nepela Trophy – 20.09.2018 – 22.09.2018

Danni competed at the Ondrej Nepela Trophy 2018 in a strong competitor field. With her new Short Program to the music of “Praise you” she earned 43.26 points which put her in 11th place.

Her Free Program to the music of Romeo & Juliet earned her a total of 76.76 points bringing her into 12th place. With a combined total of 120.02 she finished the competition in the good 12th place.

Autumn Trophy – 20.09.2018 – 22.09.2018

Conor  was competing overseas at the Autumn Classic in Oakville, Canada. The competitor field was very strong with the current Olympic Champion Yuzuru Hanyu taking the gold.

A clean short program earned Conor a score of 51.71 points and putting him in 10th place. His Free Program earned him 99.19 points and with a combined total of 153.90 points Conor finished the competition in 11th place.

Well done Danni and Conor!

Nina Wolfslast