Katie and Conor at Halloween Cup

Ice Dundee skaters Katie and Conor competing in Hungary – 19/10/2018-21/10/2018

Katie and Conor had a busy week competing at the International Halloween Cup in Budapest,  Hungary.

Short Program

Katie had a clean Short Program scoring her 43.29 points and placing her 10th. Conor’s clean Short Program earned him 51.80 points and placed him 6th out of 12 skaters.

Free Program

For her Free Program Katie earned a score of 79.60 points and with a combined total of 122.89 points she finished the competition in the good 10th place.

Conor had another great skate in the Free Program scoring 100.85 points. With a combined total of 152.65 points he finished the competition in the great 6th place.


Well done – great results!




Nina Wolfslast