Luke Digby

Name: Luke Digby

Date of Birth: 5th February, 2001

Place of Birth: Sheffield

Training Location:  Dundee Ice Arena

Coach: Simon & Debi Briggs

Luke’s skating journey began in his home city in Sheffield when he was 6 years old. It all began through his sister, who was desperate to learn to skate after being inspired by Dancing on Ice. Their mum thought that Luke might as well learn to skate at the same time. For the next few years Luke made his way through the Skate UK system without really thinking of going further. It was only when he started to reach British Ice Skating level tests and began competing that he became more serious. He continued to work through all the levels, participating in competitions and winning a few trophies and medals The more Luke improved, the more serious his skating journey got and he began competing at international events. Up to this day Luke has one three British titles and competed at the European Youth Olympic Festival and the World Figure Skating Championships.

He has now started a new journey as a pair skater with Anastasia Vaipan-Law


SP ISU Junior Grand Prix Bratislava

FS ISU Junior Grand Prix Bratislava

FS Winter European Youth Festival 

Best Performance

Competition  Position  Score
British Championships 2019 1st 169,62
34th Volvo Open Cup 6th  154,90