Anastasia Vaipan Law & Luke Digby

Name: Anastasia Vaipan Law / Luke Digby

Date of Birth: 31st August 1999 / 5th February 2001

Place of Birth: Blackpool / Sheffield

Training Location:  Dundee Ice Arena

Coach: Simon & Debi & Jason Briggs

Choreographer: Mark Pillay

Ana and Luke are the current and two time British Pair Skating Champions. They train at Dundee Ice Arena with coaches Simon, Debi and Jason Briggs. Ana and Luke have both been very successful single skaters before they joined up as a Pair Skating Team in 2019.

Single Skating career

Ana started skating at age 7 in her hometown rink in Blackpool. Her early successes include a bronze medal at the British Novice championships as well as a 4th place Novice finish at an international competition in Slovenia. She then moved on to win a bronze medal at the British Junior Championships 2014/15 . At the British Junior Championships 2017/18 Ana won the silver medal. Therefore she qualified to represent GB at the Junior Grand Prix series.

Luke’s skating journey began in his home city in Sheffield when he was 6 years old through his sister, who was desperate to learn to skate after being inspired by Dancing on Ice. In his single skating career Luke has won three British titles and competed at the European Youth Olympic Festival and the World Figure Skating Championships.

Pair Skating career

Ana and Luke’s pair skating journey began in 2019. At their first European Championships 2022 in Tallinn they finished in 18th place. At the European Figure Skating Championships 2023 in Sweden they reached the top ten finishing in 10th place. With their performances they have also won the UK a second starting spot at the next European Championships.

Best Performance

Competition  Position  Score
British Championships 2022/2023 1st 160.96
Tayside Trophy 2021 1st  158.93